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The most valuable contribution of Taekwondo embodies the etiquette, the rules that regulate the trainer's behavior and access to the heart's depth. Taekwondo develops modemanness in behavior, healthy self-esteem, a sense of belonging and organization. The formalities within the Taekwondo system breeds dedication, kindness and considerateness.


The trainer taekwondo should live in harmony with the high ethical demands, but it is necessary to not understand the label as thoughtless execution of prescribed formalities, but any compliment or ritual to perform in a real, whole heart, only then can the label be of significance and positive impact on the trainer. When greeting Kyongne is necessary, always in itself to show respect and courtesy to the partner, or teacher, or to Dojang (place to practice). It is useless to carry out the bow and do not feel humility and sincere politeness. Greetings Kyongne consists of two words: kyong: Esteem, not: politeness, ethics.


Rules/principles of etiquette:

Greeting Kyonge is performed at the entrance and leaving the gym – delivery; When he arrives at the coach, as well as leaving him; At the commencement and completion of the exercise with the co-trainer, at the commencement and completion of the package exercise.


Taekwondo Code of Ethics:

Every taekwondo trainer should be: disciplined, modest, patient, honest, righteous, considerate, courteous, diligent,.

Taekwondista must not abuse Taekwondo (use only in the case of self-defense).

Taekwondista must have respect before the carrier of the higher technical degree.


Every trainer is grateful:

-Respect for people around you, including family members and friends

-Respect for parents, trainers and holders of higher technical grades

-The responsibilitythat grows together with its capabilities


It follows that:

-respects the safety measures of the gym and does not train with watches, chainsor other dangerous objects

-Wear a clean dobok with a strap in a colour corresponding to its technical degree

-Get married when entering the gym and at the beginning of training

-During training, the trainer and other owners of higher technical grades Listen

- does not interfere with the training by talking to others or other inappropriate behaviour

-Does not use Taekwondo outside the place designated for it, unless the person himself or someone near him is at risk

-even if this is the case, it will be maintained adequately according to the situation and give priority to a peaceful solution, if possible