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When a trainer starts practicing Taekwondo, he first gets dressed in Dobok. Dobok is a suit that has walked through Korea for centuries, symbolized by the spirit of Korea. Dobok is white and always clean. Purity symbolizes the purity of man, his pure mind and at the same time respect for traditions and Korea. The white color is a symbol of everything surrounding the universe. Dobok consists of trousers, upper part and tape. A trainer who dresses Dobok should realize that he does not wear an ordinary sporting suit, but a suit that speaks to him Korea, the history and the spirit of Taekwondo. This is a binding moment. The man who dresses Dobok undertakes to seek the way to himself, to others, and above all to peace.



The center of the human body is the waist. A centre of energy is concentrated at the waist. The tape should emphasize this center. The upper part of the suit Taekwondo (Dobok) represents the sky, the lower part represents the Earth. There is a man on the road between heaven and earth. A man is a strap, just like a belt is a man (basically, what color of the tape I wear, such a person I am). In practical terms, the belt is used to fasten the top of the Taekwondo suit. The band has six colors: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. White and black color represents Jin and Yang, Sun and Moon, day and night, beginning and end. The knot on the tape is placed at the energy point of the whole body. This knot symbolizes the belief in human abilities and skills, and human energy. Every trainer should have such abilities and skills (even moral) as the color of the tape. Taekwondo is not only a sport, but also a journey through life (Do). And it must always be thought when I tie the belt to my body, for in that time the energy of life flows through my body. As in my life, I influence the energy of the universe.