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The Taekwondo Fight (Kyorugi) are two kinds of fights – free and driven. In Kyorugi (free fight), learned techniques of attack and defense can be used in any combination according to the rules of the sports match. The controlled combat takes place according to the prescribed scheme. It is suitable for training and is used to demonstrate technical maturity. In addition, it is suitable for demonstrations, because defensive and offensive techniques are predetermined, so even an ignorant specter shows the possibilities of Taekwondo and its use.



self defense

Self-defense is built on the perception of the opponent in various contexts: the role plays an opponent's greatness and mood (it is small, large, trained or not, calm, furious, drunk...) and the direction and way of his attack. According to the situation, we choose a technique that will help us to best regulate the opponent's strength. Taekwondo uses similar techniques as other martial arts for self-defense, but adds kicks that are a powerful weapon and give an advantage to girls and weaker people.



A comprehensive exercise

Taekwondo poomsae consists of a combination of strokes and covers carried out by legs or hands which simultaneously allow an imaginary struggle even with a larger number of opponents. It is a set of kits from pupil to master, which put great demands on the trainer: Focus, speed, accuracy, explouity.



The re-engineering

Re-engineering is divided into force overloading, where it focuses mainly on the strength of the technique carried out, and special overloading, where the most important factor is the difficulty of the technique being performed. Kyokpa are part of the training and there are competitions in this discipline. The trainer tests by them, their skill, strength, accuracy, dexthood, ability to concentrate and thus their maturity.