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The technical grade indicates, as in other martial arts, the maturity of the trainer. It reflects the time that Taekwondo trains, as well as diligence and determination. It depends on each individual who is satisfied with the technical degree. Often we meet the name "belt" because the individual grades are actually represented in the bands of different colors. These tapes are used to tie up the side, a special suit for practicing Taekwondo. A higher technical degree can be obtained by a trainer on the exams that perform the mandate of the Examiner.


White (10th KUP) and white-yellow (9th KUP) belt indicates purity, unfulfilled and empness. Whoever wears it doesn't control the fight.


Yellow (8th KUP) and Yellow-Green (7th KUP) belt is a symbol of light, future and fertility. The trainer goes for his goal.


Green (6th KUP) and greenish-blue (5th KUP) Belt symbolizes the color of nature and life. The trainer can find other solutions and create new ideas.


Blue (4th KUP) and Blue-Red (3rd KUP) Belt is a sign of the sky, deep ocean and large gums. The soul of the wearer of these belts touches the sea depths and his desires peak. It's not even a dive.


Red (2nd KUP) and Reddish black (1st KUP) The belt is already high enough and the wearer can do enough techniques to be dangerous, but it can be dangerous to himself. His technique is high-level, his soul and mind have become solid.


Black Belt (1st-9th DAN) indicates the opposite of the white belt, the ability to fight in harsh conditions and the soul of his wearer is filled. But his journey BUDO is just beginning.