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Loosely translated means the art of fighting feet and hands. The literal translation from the Korean language is:

Tae-kick, jump or punch your feet

Kwon-Hand or fist strikes

Do-Way, teaching method


Taekwondo is an old Korean martial art with nearly two thousand years old tradition of surviving strands. Nowadays it is characterized as a full-contact combat in the protectors. The required protectors allowed Taekwondo to retain their hardness at relatively high safety (as in principle as hockey with and without protectors). These circumstances rushed to the fact that in 1994 Taekwondo was ranked among the Olympic sports. As a sport, it is challenging for physical fitness and technical training. According to professional literature, Taekwondo is the hardest to prepare and has the most sophisticated foot techniques. Champions in games can hit opponents before he performs the intended technique. In practice, this means that Taekwondo is the fastest.


Taekwondo was given a huge opportunity when he held the Olympic Games in 1988. New rules were introduced, compulsory equipment was added – specifically shin guards, forearms and heads, and Taekwondo performed for the first time at the Olympic Games. So far as a sport demonstration, after all, in the opinion of the representatives of Olympus. Committee sport too hard for the next Olympics. But it turned out to be hard, especially thanks to the protectors very safe. And so was Taekwondo 4. 9.1994 approved as a full-fleded Olympic sport since 2000.